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01 - 11 - 2017

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Dan Kye, a soul-rooted alternative R&B artist just released a new EP titled “Joy, Ease, Lightness.”

It can be found on SoundCloud and consists of four original songs with creative lyrics and beats. The first song on the EP, “Like You Wanna” contains an upbeat rhythm and unique sounds. Another major song on the EP, “Tolle” begins with an intriguing opening with inventive lyrics, fading into a faster beat coupled with the chorus. Other songs on the album, such as “Iigo” and “Change” also consist of creative and edgy elements.

Dan Kye sings, writes, produces and plays the keyboard. He combined these talents to create his music, including the new and inventive “Joy, Ease, and Lightness”. In 2013 he debuted with Franklin’s Room, releasing six track EP with the unique combination of Reggae Grooves and Classic Soul Ballads. He then debuted a more R&B style EP consisting of five tracks in 2014 titled “A Tribe Called Government”. Finally, in 2016 Kye released an accomplished album titled “Cloak”. His success with these EP’s led him to “Joy, Ease, Lightness”, which he produced with Rhythm Section.

Kye appeared on several recordings by other artists, such as FKJ’s “Learn to Fly”, Louis Baker’s “Just Want to Thank You” and Alfa Mists “Hopeful”. Dan Kye, the talented artist from New Zealand has been busy over the years with recordings and EP’s, and he seems to continue to contribute to the music industry with his original and loved songs. Collaborative, bluesy, and exclusive; Kye’s music is one-of-a-kind. His tendency to combine elements of different genres adds a hip vibe to his music. With four EP’s consisting of a wide range of style, Kye continues to release these inventive tracks through each new album. “Joy, Ease, Lightness”, Kye’s newest album is a great example of his vibrant work.

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