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07 - 03 - 2017

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Over the years, we’ve seen Canada house some of the most talented stars in music. Today, we give recognition to yet another rising star.  In a chiller-thrill fashion, Vancouver-based songstress Dani Le Rose releases her new visual “I’ve Told Lies”. This is the singer’s third visual to date, increasing her fan base with every release.

At the beginning of “I’ve Told Lies”, we see Le Rose giving us Lana Del Rey vibes with her wardrobe and makeup. Her hair is voluminous, with a killer wing eyeliner. The entire look of the video is very retro-meets-modern day-fashion. Le Rose is kidnapped by what seems to be a clingy ex-lover. Throughout the visual, our psychopath is caring for Le Rose like a doll. It’s peculiar, but it adds chilling depth to the storyline. Even as she stretches her vocals on the track, she gives the appearance of a doll. Through various wardrobe changes, it’s easy to say that Le Rose can make anything look nice on her.

“We all tell lies, big or small, but we only feel the need to confess something from the depth of our dark to the person we feel that special connection with,” Le Rose states. “The lyric ‘take me to the deep end” expressed that need to wanna know someone else’s darkness with little to no judgement. Only when you love someone deeply can you love all of them even with those fucked up parts they show.” She added, “It comes once in a lifetime if you are lucky.”

If you enjoy the work behind “I’ve Told Lies”, you’ll be blown away from her other visuals. Her previous tracks “Cruel” and “Love U More” tie in with each other making a unique and detailed storyline. Each video adds on to one another. Luckily, you don’t have to watch the previous video to know what’s going to happen next. Perhaps, this is what Le Rose will continue to do with the rest of her work.

Although the songstress hasn’t released an EP yet, it’s safe to say it could in the works. As a new artist, she’s showing that you can be versatile in your work, from lyrics to the visuals that come with it. Keep up with the latest from Le Rose on her official website. Until next time, enjoy the works of “I’ve Told Lies” above.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all