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09 - 23 - 2016

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Dante Lee is a motivational speaker, artist and clothing designer who lives his life for God. His aim is to bring people back to him daily. His designing of clothing is his gift from the Lord that he uses to get his messages across.

When did you start designing clothes and how long have you been selling your pieces?


I started designing clothes around 8th grade, I’ve been selling them for almost 4 years.


Your clothing concepts and designs are unique and touch many, what is your creative thought process like?


Thank you, appreciate it. honestly.. “you gotta wake these people up” runs through my mind constantly. I used to come up with some crazy stuff when I was intoxicated but ever since I gave that stuff up and stayed sober my creativity went through the roof. I just let the spirit lead me.


Many are influenced by your taste and words of wisdom. Do you see yourself as an influence or taste maker to your peers?


Its crazy, I used to influence kids to do drugs and try certain negative lifestyles. now I have kids tell me daily that I influenced them to read the bible, or to leave their old ways and stuff like that & I never knew I had that impact on people. but yes, I do see myself as a positive influence.

We appreciate you being so open about your spirituality and faith, how are you currently tying this in with your brand?


the clothes I make is basically to get a certain message across and people really pay attention to it, which I never expected. so now I’ll throw something subliminally on a shirt or right out in the open with a bible verse or something and if I can get just one person thinking/questioning something, then I did well. the feedback I receive blows my mind sometimes.

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What inspired you to open a clothing shop online and how have your followers reacted to it?


What really made me open up a shop was my freshman year I was taking graphic and graphic design classes, I would screen print my designs on a shirt or two ya know just for my myself. I decided to wear one to school the next day and out of nowhere I had people saying “where’d you get that shirt?” or “where can I buy one?” & I’m think to myself.. “yo, I made this & people wanna buy one?” right there is where I took everything to the next level and got serious.

We interviewed you last fall, thanks for sticking with us at CAQ. What else do you have on the horizon career wise?


Of course, I love you guys. umm..right now, keeping the clothing coming & just leading people back to Christ daily.

Where do you see yourself in a year?


Where do I see myself in a year.. I don’t even worry about tomorrow lol but hopefully caught up in the clouds when Jesus comes back.

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