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10 - 03 - 2016

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Harlem’s own Dave East has unleashed his new album “Kairi Chanel”. After signing to Def Jam, he decided to release this long awaited project. The name is ultimately inspired from his 6-month old daughter, Kairi.

Dave East brings you a taste of his upbringing and what has shaped him and his experiences all to what his presence is now.

He has also stressed that “Kairi Chanel” is not his debut album and the release for that should come in 2017 on Def Jam and is expected to be executive produced by Nas.

Having already heard “Keisha”, features from OG’s in the game like Cam’ron and Beanie Sigel, hot hitters like 2 Chains and Fabolous, “Kairi Chanel” spews a banger throughout the first listen.

“Kairi Chanel” starts off like a champion entry. “It Was Written” comes on as impactful as the second title of Nas’s album. Giving you an inner feel of the everyday life of living in the trenches and finding a way to maneuver and make something successful come out of it.


The beat compliments Dave East’s storytelling in a manner that is unmatched. “Type of Time” increases the speed of the vibe with project. Still allowing the rawness to be felt, the subtle cock-backs and firing of pistols existing thoroughly in the background, it keeps your awareness high with a serious head bob.

Dave East really emphasizes here that he is moving up in the world, and there is really no need to focus on the negatives when the future is global. The sample of 50 Cent at the end of this track is inspiring, ranting about how you will only be successful as the people you hang around echoes as the beat rides out. The skit at the end with Dave East and his people’s gives you an organic feel of how he is living his life and where they came from.

Other highlight cuts from the project is tracks like “30 N***z”, “S.D.E. (feat. Cam’ron)”, “Slow Down”, this project does not lose its tempo when it comes to being pure Hip-Hop. If you support real music, purchase Dave East’s “Kairi Chanel” on iTunes or stream the project above and enjoy that raw rap!


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all