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10 - 17 - 2016

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Singer/Songwriter Mariam has officially released her first debut single “Be There For Me” from her EP, “Heart to Heart”, that will be dropping soon! This musical star uses her warm vocals, deep lyrics, and folk guitar to connect every fan to her story of rejected love.

“Be There For Me” is a folk/soul song with a pop twist in the beat. Mariam’s powerful lyricism and strong vocals creates an uplifting vibe. She inspires listeners to always keep respect and strength for themselves.


The British musician emerged all the way from South London with a a goal to tell stories through her music. Mariam always had a natural gift to write poetry and creative pieces since she was a child. With her Nigerian cultural background and music being a strong influence in her childhood, Mariam was easily able to combine her creative writing with soul and folk melodies.

Music is a form of art that allows Mariam to relate to others by painting pictures of life experiences that we all go through at some point. In 2011, Mariam was ready to relate with the world by spreading her unique music. She entered the music industry as a singer/songwriter and a self-taught guitarist who has a deep connection to music that cannot be broken.

Mariam became very popular in the underground scene of music while she performed at many open mics. These open mics opened great opportunities for the artist. Mariam was offered a spot in the “London Community Gospel Choir”, who has supported music artists such as Tom Jones and Sam Smith. She started to create her own sound and original music with local artists, such as Samm Hennshaw.

After years of dedication, passion, and never giving up, Mariam has released her debut single on October 7, 2016 called “Be There For Me”. In this track, she tells a story of unreciprocated love. Many of us have experienced loving and caring for someone that does not return the same love back. When is it time to step away and put yourself as first priority again? This heart-wrenching battle to keep loving someone who does not love you back is a battle that is far too common. Mariam’s new single reminds us to respect ourselves and to never settle for less than we deserve.

Stay tuned for her EP “Heart to Heart” to be released on November 4th, 2016!

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