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10 - 18 - 2016

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Miami rapper Denzel Curry keeps fans happy with the release of Imperial, his second album in 3 years.

Curry, who is only 21 years old, is definitely one of hip-hops youngest artists. Imperial proves his desire to cement his legacy in the game.

What makes Curry unique is not only coming from Miami, but having a sound of his own.

Imperial starts off with a street banger, ULT, which is a mix of Street influence and Miami bass, while shouting out his team.

Gook, the 2nd song, further establishes Curry’s bars and the influence of his hometown Miami. throughout the album, you get a feel that his sound is his own, while reminding you of Trick Daddy and Rick Ross.

Sick and Tired, the third song finds Curry evaluating his life, refusing to quit, and vowing to make it for himself and his family.


Knotty Head featuring Miami rap star Rick Ross is the 4th song, and has Curry telling the world he is black and proud through his nappy hair, a possible tribute to Black Lives Matter.

The 5th Song, Me Now, is exactly what it’s titled. Curry explains his whole life, saying he will never stop, knowing how far he has come and vows to keep grinding.

Story No Title, the 6th song, is my favorite off Imperial. Curry’s lyrics are thought-provoking.

They touch on several subjects, including rappers sounding like Atlanta, poverty, and the role of race in America.

This song, and the production in general throughout the album in general is what makes Curry great.

He also shouts out his city, Miami and its links to being built off drugs.

Denzel Curry is among the youngest in Rap, but his lyricism and content makes him beloved, not only Florida, but hip-hop in general.

This album was one my favorites to review, and Denzel Curry is definitely on his way to greatness.

It looks like Miami isn’t only known for Drugs, Beaches, and Money, but also for Raw hip-hop.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all