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10 - 18 - 2016

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Dia, a woman who was raised on a spiritual hermitage and sung ragas as a child, lead her to begin training and performing as an opera singer in the US and Europe.  While Dia traveled she began writing pieces of music on a ukulele that her brother gifted her with.  The encouragement of her close friends lead her to pursue music.

Inspired by a 12th century poem  quote by Kafiristan, “since you love me and I love you the rest matters not.”  This brought Dia her own interpretation of love and the inspiration behind “Tiny Ocean.”

The track is her version of Kafristan’s poem. “Tie a knot around my tiny ocean, hammer me to every wall you build… burn me with your brightness…” -Dia.

“Tiny Ocean” brings a unique sound called baroque-pop. Baroque-pop gives you the feel of classical or orchestral pop.

The whole EP is very soothing in melody and tone. It takes you away from reality just listening to the music the same way that classical music does, but with an edge of different instruments being used.

“Tiny Ocean” EP is her debut release with Manimal Records. This artist has already spread her talents through New York, Paris, LA, Italy, and Cuba.

I can say that Dia looks like she is making her rounds in the world and leaving her mark and talents too.

Her debut EP is available worldwide.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all