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05 - 09 - 2017

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Indie artist Dia’s latest release, Synchronized Swimming, is an experimental and folk-infused track.

Her voice sounds like a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, windswept and oceanic.

The song comes off her debut EP, Tiny Ocean. The organic instrumentals produce an effervescent quality. As a result, it is as if rhythm bubbles to the surface, scintillating as it rises. Synchronized Swimming has the harmonic bones of classical influence, but Dia’s unique melodic style gives the song original lifeblood, and her video illustrates this concept. Dia appears in the video in sepia-toned images. The camera frame fragments to produce the beautiful kaleidoscopic structure. Due to this, the video is like the inside of Dia’s creative mind, as she shows the multiple perspectives incorporated into her art. The song sounds like a series of memories, which she illustrates both sonically and visually.

Dia’s voice is baroque and full of passionate intensity. The song is romantic, highly emotional, and highly personal. Dia is a classically trained opera singer, and it shows. She reaches depths and remains there as if she’s dusting the ocean’s sandy bottom. The aquatic nature and style of the song are exemplified through her voice: deep, mystic, and alluring.

Dia’s watery sound coincides with the song’s theme of ocean and surrender. “Miles away, next to me, carry all of our weight into the sea”. She sings of total surrender to the intoxicating power of love. However, much like the ocean, love is a depth that has the power to drown. Contrary to the name of her album, love is a vast ocean in this track. Dia explores what it truly means to give yourself away to someone, and does it through a work of harmonic genius.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all