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02 - 08 - 2017

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James Fauntleroy brings R&B into outer space with his new track “DOJO”.

The song opens with soft sonic waves, providing an otherworldly sound that immediately has you anticipating what’s to come next. But that’s the great part about this track, you can’t have expectations. DOJO surprises the listener with its buildup. This track has a smooth introductory beat, as it incorporates a chilled low tempo drum beat. As the drum beat gets louder, however, comes the real highlight of the piece, Fauntleroy’s voice and lyricism.

Fauntleroy has an undeniably incredible voice. He has the ability to manipulate his sound, as he changes stylistically throughout the piece. He begins in what almost sounds like a modern soft rock song. His cool lyrics are enveloped by spacey instrumentals and electronic sounds. Additionally, a higher toned voice echoes his own lyrics, giving the track greater depth. Soon thereafter, the two voices converge in harmony.

Fauntleroy’s lyrics are not to be missed in this track. The song has an impressive production quality, and Fauntleroy’s voice is the centrepiece. It seems his voice hangs in the air, suspended in airy repose, as each word comes as an exhalation from his soul. He uses his voice to really push the lyrics, and his particular inflexion says it all. “Pouring out my soul to you. What else am I supposed to do? Feel like I’m not enough so close to you”. The lyrics take control of his voice, as they pour out of him without cessation. The message is the struggle to find intimacy. Emotional connection is a bridge consistency unsteady at both sides. Yet through the fullness of his expression, we can hear beauty in the concept. DOJO stands out as a soulful R&B ballad, a new name for a new type of musical creation.

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