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06 - 22 - 2016

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Are there any true MCs now a days that have what it takes to be an MC? Some may say no, but wait until you check this out. For those who don’t know, Grime is a genre that has been thriving in East London since the early 2000s. It has finally reached the ear drums of music lovers in the US and I hope they’re ready for what they’re about to hear. Style and flows must be what’s hip in the streets of Tottenham, North London. If you’ve been wondering what music is like in other countries, I highly recommend this song.

London artist Double S released his latest track “Style & Flow” featuring artist JME. Needless to say, the song serves its title.

To give you a little background on Double S, he is a lyrical and fire Grime MC from North London. S is also apart of Marvell, a collective of grime.

The track was produced by The Heavytrackerz effortlessly laying the song out with a prototype grime beat. It’s upbeat and catchy, so pay attention. The underground MC’s undeniable flow is filled throughout the song. The lyrical content in this song is crazy. Who knew that cats in London were rhyming and using ill flows like this? When he says “I was raised in the belly of the beast” in the opening of the song, I had to keep on listening. With an opening line like that, you can’t just skip over the track.

“Can you name a better MC than me?” he says. Well, Double S, you got us on this one.

JME has a way of words as well and an attitude to match it: “Cause there’s a phony simulation of me/ Integrity”. Who else do you know that can say that?

Check out “Styles & Flows” and experience the hype.



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