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12 - 14 - 2016

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Grammy award-winning musician The-Dream gives fans a sampler with his new EP, “Love You To Death.”

The 5 track EP is a prelude to his 8th studio album “Love Affair.”


Reminiscent of his smash hit, Falsetto, Dream reminds listeners why he is King. With his lush falsetto, sexy lyrics and Beyonce references, the Intro gives us a taste of that love below in the addictive “Lemon Lean.”


Don’t we all care for that one stripper in Atlanta? “College Daze” is a tale that follows Dream’s love interest. Dream uses the dancer’s past against her to loosen up the edge on current mishaps in their relationship.

“I forgot about them things you did in college, can you forget about them things that I did last night and you can call it what you want to call it, but I hope we had this fight for the last time.”

Listeners will relate and enjoy “College Daze” due to the honesty of lyrics and Dream’s storytelling ability. Whether it be trapping or dancing, we all have friends, family and significant others in the game, earning that paper one way or another.

“I knew about your sophomore years up in Folley’s, ’12 down in Tootsies where you grew into your body. Friday’s in Miami, weekends in Atlanta. Western Union Money to your mama in Savannah. And still I never asked you how you got your first Benz, after bandz after bandz after bandz..”

Dream feels it isn’t fair his lady who once was a stripper expects him to be faithful because he’s not so sure she has always been. Alluding to “Why all the bad girls wanna be good when they get to you..why all the bad girls wanna turn good when they get to you.”



The Barbados ”bad gal” possesses an attractive and care-free persona but imagine what it would be like to be in a relationship with a Rihanna? 

You would most likely be in love with a savage and often wonder if she truly loves you back.

“Falling in Love is embarrassing.”

The-Dream paints a vivid “Ode to Rihanna.”

 He was just another n*gga on the hit-list.


In the third track, Madness, Dream revisits a past relationship through text, a bond he wanted to work. “It would have gotten better if you stayed with me.”

Music-wise, the last track “Ferris Wheel” stands out in it’s production. Dream’s vocal pitch is much deeper than that of the latter tracks. “Love is a Ferris Wheel, we take such beautiful stills.” Ferris Wheel delivers on subject matter. Although it sounds experimental, Dream’s voice here is enjoyable, gives off an airy vibe and leaves listeners in a state of dreamy bliss.

“Isn’t this how love feels?”

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