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03 - 28 - 2017

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Toronto-based artist Dylyn recently released her track, “Secret”, and it definitely sounds like something she’s been holding in for a while.

Secret comes as a welcome display of the pain and grievance that serves as an artistic muse. Typical pop artists don’t lay this much on the table, but Dylyn reveals herself far from typical. Her sound is pop-esque but more reminiscent of artists like Adele than Katy Perry. Listeners often forget that genres of music like pop don’t necessarily have to be upbeat and bubbly. Dylyn is an example of this genre, perhaps a kind of pop-in-mourning. Yet through Dylyn’s emotional trauma, she is able to produce a moving track, as her deep vocals explain parental infidelity. Dylyn noted herself that she felt that this type of realness would appeal to fans who had gone through similar struggles and therefore help her connect with them.

The track exists as a storyline, and Dylyn mirrors her lyrical progression with her vocals and production style. She begins with her soothing voice nearly on its own, and she systematically adds instrumentals and electronic elements. The song and lyrics coincide, as the intensity builds towards a very aesthetically pleasing baseline drop. The song is certainly intense, but Dylyn shows us that sometimes life is intense. However, her message seems to be that from destruction can rise creation. She mentioned that writing and performing the song is therapeutic for her, and can also be for her fans. In this way, Dylyn becomes the role model that many young girls truly need. Yet I don’t mean to digress, because this song is really for anyone, going through something or not, you can appreciate her artistry and vocal power. It’s no secret anymore that Dylyn produced an elegant and powerful track.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all