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09 - 29 - 2016

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Folk singer and England Native Ren releases his new single The Coast on October 7th.

The single is the 2nd to come from Ren, a humble England folk singer.

According to Ren, he made the song from a yearling feeling that he experienced before he decided to take travel for the first time.

He then says that his living experience along the England Coast was his main inspiration for writing The Coast.

This is my first time listening to Ren and it was a good experience. His song-writing skills, passion, and thoughts are something you get when listening to his music.

The coast makes me think about the England Coast, though I have never been to England.


In the song, Ren relays that even though he does not want to leave, The Coast is where his heart is always at and will end up.

The Coast, and Folk music in general is music that is different from Hip Hop, but a good genre nevertheless.

Ren is a good artist, and someone to def watch out for in 2017. His music is quickly gaining a fan base in America, and The Coast is further solidifying it.

His music expresses his thoughts, feelings, and he truly gives you a piece of himself and his home country of England.

That is something that Artist is supposed to do, give you pieces of themselves, and Ren does just that.

Ren is not only a talented artist, but a humble human being, something I found out listening to The Coast.

He shows that as an artist it’s okay to show fans your deep side truthful side, and how the struggle influences you.

If he continues to create music like this, 2017 will be a big year for not only him and England but for the world of music.



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