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07 - 08 - 2016

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DANAE made a strong professional debut with the release of her EP, Direction. 

Unfortunately, the Nashville based pop singer/songwriter could not have had worse timing. She released the first single (and title track) the same week Beyoncé dropped Lemonade.

DANAE’s full EP came out shortly after, but by that time all eyes were on Queen Bey. The new artist’s music fell on distracted – if not deaf – ears, and her record went virtually undetected by music fans and critics alike.

Which is a shame, because DANAE’s wide vocal range and unique arrangements belong in the spotlight.

She is a talent comparable to any on the radio today.

“Direction,” the ill timed debut single, highlights the singer’s classically beautiful voice against fun, modern pop music.

It’s a catchy, upbeat tune with meaningful lyrics:

Feet on the edge / Take a deep breath / Set for a free fall The time is now

Take a first step / Off of the back wall Running like a blind man to a lover’s call

Come on let me see face fear head on Finally know / What it feels like / Starting to take off


If given its due attention, the original version would fare well on any pop radio station. And yet the album includes an acoustic version of the song, suggesting DANAE could thrive in country music as well.

That is, if she gets the right breaks.

The truth is, so much is up to chance in this industry, and that’s a harsh reality talented artists like DANAE must deal with every day.

In the mean time, let us hope she keeps doing what she’s doing. Because listening to the album, it is clear the music is not the problem.

From the grittier “Gold in the Dirt”, featuring a heavy percussion beat against DANAE’s soprano runs, to the slower “Actualized” with its mesmerizing synths.

The talent is there. The product is there. Direction is solid album with a place in the music world somewhere.

Fingers crossed that DANAE manages to find that place, and do so at the right time

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