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09 - 26 - 2016

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“Face the Music”

Mr. Mars Moniz has people facing the music with his new hit, “Face the Music.”

Mars was born in Lisbon, Portugal and moved to the UK.

At the age of fourteen he acquired a taste for musical production, with the music software, Fruity Loops being his first introduction to sound.

Mars became interested in the hip-hop genre and was part of a group called, “Game Over”.

The group became a local sensation in his area and Mars was beginning to be well-known for being a great producer.

Mars was greatly influenced by musical talents such as: Smokey Robinson, Pharrell, and Dr. Dre.


In his new hit “Face the Music” you can tell that those talents had a great influence on his sound in this song.

The song starts off with the echo of his voice. This automatically grabs your attention.

Then the upbeat funky tempo will have your head banging to the beat that you will have no choice, but to get up and dance.

The way that the saxophone is added over the beat is phenomenal.  He makes sure that you feel his music and like the song says, “get up and dance”.

The production of the song is great it gives you a techno feel. The flow of the song is great his voice and production of the song fits well together.

Mars went from being a producer that puts out great hits to becoming his own, Mars Moniz really delivers. This song is great to listen in the car or in the club.

If you are feeling down just put this song on and I’m telling you it will have you toe tapping to the beat. Mars really has everything going for him and I’m really looking forward to the sounds of this guy.

If you haven’t listened to Mars Moniz then you haven’t been “facing the music”.

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