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02 - 06 - 2017

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The Norwegian Starlet Farida as 2017’s must watch artists.

Farida has come a long way with her musical talent! She broke through her hometown where Farida’s passion for making music was first found. The incredible songstress is now making her face known in the R&B culture by consistently dropping hit singles. Farida’s vocals alone are not to be messed with. Her extraordinary range and silky riffs are enough to have current R&B queens to be shaking in their boots.

The rising star has already been featured by Billboard and MTV Wrap Up tuning in on her newest work, including her single “Solo Ride”.  She is quickly turning heads in the music industry and is eager to release more irresistible music. Farida has just released her latest single “Next To Nothing”, which placed her as one of 2017’s must watch artists.

Farida lets her heart take the mic in “Next To Nothing”

“Next To Nothing” explores the uneasy feeling of emptiness through an RnB vibe that was produced by Ross O’Donoghue. Farida maximizes her vocals in this R&B fairy-tale that tells the story of a lonely soul being lifted by their savior. She explains, “The song is about frustration and feeling worthless,” and the dream of “meeting someone who can save you – your prince or princess – from that”.

Everything the passionate musician has been through during her life lies within her voice. Farida uses music to express her emotional battles. She allows her fans to relate their own heartache and struggles to her music. “Next To Nothing” is another one of her melancholy tracks with many more to come! Farida is still at the beginning of her musical path and she is making huge steps very quickly.

Don’t miss out on Farida’s fearless music available now on SoundCloud!

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all