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01 - 25 - 2017

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A new vocalist for Neon Golden Records, Jax Anderson, or Flint Eastwood is a singer and songwriter from Detroit who just came out with a new single, Queen. Anderson has roots in the music industry; as she founded the creative hub called Assemble Sound in 2015. Going by the name Flint Eastwood as her artist name, Anderson has also released two EPs, one being the popular Small Victories.


Anderson began playing music when she was just 12-years-old, as she taught herself how to play her Father’s old 12-string Taylor guitar. Her Mother’s love for Motown bands; such as The Temptations, Earth Wind & Fire, and the Jackson Five, also inspired her to get involved with the music industry.

After years of creating music, Anderson formed “Queen” as her Neon Gold Debut, a song that combines experimental and pop elements, creating an inventive and empowering piece. Queen emphasizes the significance of women leaders in Anderson’s music. The hit is both confrontational and jubilant, celebrating all who identify as women.  Queen begins with an intriguing beginning with powerful instrumentals; and leads into a chorus with high vocals.

Not only does she sing, but Anderson also designs, performs, directs, and writes her pieces. Anderson admits that she faces some sexism in the industry, yet her creative talent in various departments allows her to express her thoughts on these topics through her original music.

Other hits by Flint Eastwood include Find What it is You’re Looking For, a peaceful, experimental, and dance-centered piece with unique drum beats and vocals; and Glitches, an upbeat song with elements of Indie Pop. Finally, Anderson’s song Secretary was another knockout for her. The song is an energetic and original piece with a unique combination of instruments.



Anderson’s new song Queen can be found on SoundCloud, Youtube, Flint Eastwood’s Facebook account, her Twitter account, or her Instagram account. On these sites you may also find tickets to her show. Don’t forget to listen to the well-love Queen by Flint Eastwood; along with the artist’s other popular song.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all