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11 - 29 - 2016

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Last week, 6lack (pronounced BLACK and not “six-lack”) debuted his first golden egg of an album Free 6lack. This project was just full of gems.

This album is representative of where this artist is at this point in life. The artist describes it as his “coming out party” after releasing himself of his past deal and past way of life. It is very clear that his current brand goal is this monochromatic feel, from the lack of frilly and bright instrumentals on his project to his Instagram grid (something I haven’t quite perfected yet).


Time to get to the good stuff

Let’s talk track list’s, the project starts with Never Know and ends with Alone/EA6. Everything in between these tracks, and including them, provide their own vibe and own story that is easy to relate to. Every track comes together

The Breakdown

Ex Calling has to be the one who hits home the most (maybe it’s just me).  Telling a typical yet so real story of your ex calling off the late night when you are too busy trying to focus on your next. Next as in your future and not even just his future girl but his career and his dreams. The things that he refuses to let anyone stand in the way of. Telling her to “choose the other man” because it is time for him to make his dreams a reality. All of this may change if he meets a brown skin girl with long hair and good credit. My question is what is your definition of long hair, and how brown are we talking?

The Hit

PRBLMS has to be my favorite track on the project. The instrumental alone is just so hard, giving so many R&B feels but then you get hit with his flow and it just pulls it all together. On his second verse is where it all starts getting real as he calls out the females that aren’t doing anything but being cute. Talking about the possible Instagram baddie that was in his life that “don’t got that much in the bank” but orders the steak when they go on a date. He is telling real life stories with this one claiming “I cannot make this shit up.”

This track also hit the top five charts on iTunes after it was played on Zane Lowes Beats 1 radio show.


‘Free 6lack’ was so great and so relatable on so many levels. I have probably listened to the whole thing 12 times since it’s release, no lie. (I have spent a lot of time in my car the last week) I haven’t heard something so genuine and unique in a long time.

6lack is definitely someone you are going to want to keep up with. Since he has moved to his new label, LoveRenaissance, he is now free to create.

I cannot wait to see what else this artist has in store for us. 


Follow 6lack on Instagram and Twitter. Also, make sure to purchase ‘Free 6lack‘ on iTunes today!

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all