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07 - 29 - 2017

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Inspired by the 90’s r&b and garage music, London bred artist Freya releases her debut single “Blame”. Accustomed to co-writing songs for other people, Freya has decided to focus on her own career, by releasing new music. Freya’s focus is to create a fresh sound, and her debut single is the perfect place to start.

Freya tackles the topic of owning up to your mistakes throughout the track. She comments

“’Blame’ is about taking responsibility for the people we attract into our lives. The opening lyric “Everything I hate about you I am” summarises the sentiment of the song.” 

The lyrics itself speaks volumes about the challenges of relationships and can relate to every listener. The track starts off with soft celestial notes than Freya’s delicate vocals slowly take the lead throughout the song. Accompanied by relaxed hip-hop beats and electronic feels, she spews truthful and relatable lyrics.

“Every time I see your face you remind me of just what I hate.”

Inspired by artists such as Frank Ocean, Little Dragon, and Dev Hynes, she continues to work on her music and her impeccable songwriting skills. She continues to work on the project Laya Laya with the help of a producer, which will be released later this year.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all