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03 - 06 - 2019

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Electronic DJ Full Crate is back with his new single “LowKey”. The DJ teams up with Toronto singer-songwriter Jayd Ink for the island ballad, making you want to grab your babe or gyal and soak in the sun of love. 

Full Crate keeps himself busy across the pond. Starting in 2004, the Dutch-American DJ/Producer has contributed both in production and vocals. His collaborations include artists Erykah Badu, Syd, iLL BlU and Trinidad James. In recent years, he’s shifted his focus from dancehall and hip hop to R&B and electronic, making him versatile in every sense of the word. His 2018 summer release “A Storm on A Summers Day” brought his name to prominence. However, it doesn’t stop there. In comparison, Jayd Ink is another artist that deserves her spotlight. Aside from being a contestant on CTV’s The Launch, the R&B songstress is known for her sultry and delicate vocals, as they gracefully carry your ears throughout each song.  On “LowKey”, we see the two contribute effortlessly as they continue to solidify their tone. 

As soon as the drums hit, we’re blessed with Jayd’s airy vocals. Instantly, you’ll want to get down and whine. The island infused track is a statement for unconditional love. In other words, “Lowkey” extends on the idea that no matter the circumstance, the love will always be tangible and prevalent; as it should.

“It don’t matter how I do it, My baby gon’ love me” Jayd croons through the chorus.

Seamlessly, Crate and Ink seem to complement each other well on this one. In addition, Jayd’s Jamaican background also adds emphasis to the reggae ballad. From the message to the production, “LowKey” is a summer hit in the making. In fact, the single comes with a lyric visual, taking you back to the 70s with warm hues of orange and yellow. 

It’s amazing how two artists from two different hemispheres can come together and make this groovy love spell. One listen isn’t enough. You’ll find yourself in a groove from start to finish. To get your dose of pleasure, give “LowKey” a listen below. 

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Full Crate: SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all