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03 - 01 - 2018

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Compton’s very own Garren blesses groves on his new EP ‘Normal’. As a rising R&B artist, Garren creates contemporary rhythm and soul, with his southern Los Angeles roots planted in each project. He’s doing more than your average 22-year-old, with a feature from Atlanta’s YFN Lucci and landing a spot on Spotify’s Newness Playlist.  Now, releasing his solo EP, we get a chance to see what else the artist has up his sleeves.


What’s an R&B album without touching on the topic of heartbreak? Garren opens ‘Normal’ with the slow tempo track “Conversation”. We often find out the worst in past relationships, but once you’ve been through it all, you’re eager for something real and tangible. “Conversation” elaborates more on this narrative, about how a simple conversation can help someone realize how much they’re missing out. “Energy” piggybacks from this as Garren sets himself aside from most men that thrive off physical attraction rather than mental stimulation.

The track “Misunderstood” is coupled with a visual that makes the song just as interesting. Sometimes life can shake us for the worst. Some of us may find ourselves doing anything for means of survival. Garren’s visual shows that we often misinterpret other people’s hustle, despite the fact that all they’re trying to do is put food on the table and a roof over their head.

While we appreciate the slow moments, the EP picks up the tempo towards the end on “Wrong Way”. This track stands out with its 808 infused instruments and high-hats. Garren gives rise to the idea that you should be a man with your own path, and don’t follow the short path that has extreme side effects.


“Don’t be afraid to take the long way, save your momma from the hurt and pain”


‘Normal’ is only a slight glimpse of what’s more to come from Garren. If you liked what you’ve heard so far, get ready for what he has in store. Keep up with latest on his Soundcloud, and see what he has to say on Twitter. Support this fresh and rising artist by listening to ‘Normal’ on iTunes.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all