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11 - 30 - 2016

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Disco pop singer Gavin Turek and the Urban Collective bless the world with the release of their new song “Amor Love”. This disco infused song is fresh, vintage, and groovy.

Disco is vastly creeping its way back into mainstream pop music. Artists like Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga progress funky and groovy waves. Thankfully, there is a new type of unique sound that is on the rise. Los Angeles, California  is where music group The Urban Renewal Project find their funky eclectic vibe. Collectively, this group of musicians delve into multiple arrays of sound. The more you listen, you’ll find out the meaning behind the name. The band is simply “renewing” a more “urban” sound of a plethora of genres. For years, they’ve worked with various artists to help advance their music to the world.


Urban Renewal Project

The Urban Collective linked put with pop sensation Gavin Turek for “Amor Love”. Turek is the ultimate disco babe, with big curly hair and a voice that draws everyone’s attention. When the song first touches your eardrums, you’ll begin to feel like you belong on the dance floor.

Effortlessly, Urban Renewal achieves to make music that ebbs from the isolation one may feel in society. It incorporates a variety of sounds pop,funk,soul,rock, and more to allow listeners to experience everything all at once. In the course of a couple of years, Urban Collective has become a force to be reckoned with.


Gavin Turek


URP landed a spot on Fox NFL twice and continue to perform alongside comedian Rom Ridge. Their fan base is increasing vastly, and if they keep on releasing music like this, everyone will become a fan.

What are you waiting for? Get on your feet and give “Amor Love” a listen. For more information on recent and upcoming work, stay in tune with their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Turn the beat around and check out “Amor Love” below.

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