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06 - 26 - 2017

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Montreal-based pop duo, Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson, bring a classic pop sound to the modern stage.

Their duet, Ghost of You, is reminiscent of early 2000s pop ballads, yet with the twist of male and female vocals. It comes off their upcoming EP, Out of the Dark. Their two voices work seamlessly together, as Chris’ lower tone complements Nicole’s higher one.

Ghost of You is a song about love lost. It speaks of the remnants of a relationship that remain stained in one’s psyche. Marks that last and shape the way we see everyday life. The message is one of melancholia, yet its shaped by nostalgia. Their  pop sound reflects this fact, as it is upbeat yet emotional. However, the song can feel somewhat derivative of earlier pop sounds and messages. Even still, I feel that they maintain an original feel, as the songs it imitates were popularized some time ago now. In a way, they are finding a way to repopularize the genre.

Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson did not start as a duo. In fact, they both fronted alternative rock bands for a few years before coming together. They began by covering songs from other artists on Youtube. Once they gained popularity on Youtube, they realized their potential to work on their own original songs. Their first song, Out of the Dark, was in fact awarded 4th place in Linkin Park’s International Starlight competition. The two singers truly found their niche once they joined together, and have been enjoying success because of it. It’s a story that just goes to show sometimes you have to start all over to find what you’re meant for. I’m excited to see what Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson have in store for us next with their upcoming EP Out of the Dark.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all