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10 - 07 - 2016

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Rising all the way from Canada, a new soul/pop band is entering the game strong with their cutting-edge music video “Backbone”. Toronto’s Gold Complex uses their saxophones and trumpets to take their fans through the classic soul jams and move their body to the beat.

“Backbone” is the title track off of Gold Complex’s Deluxe Edition EP. This is a groovy track with a funky vibe that features lead singer Will Bowes’ engaging vocals. Will Bowes describes “Backbone” as a song about conviction. He emphasizes the importance of staying true to yourself. It is a message to always say what you mean and mean what you say, especially in relationships.


The emerging band is thrilled to spread their unique sound across the globe through their Deluxe Edition EP, hand-painted album artwork, and the black and white music video for their signature song, “Backbone”.

Gold Complex first released their debut self-titled EP in April of 2015, which quickly became a national success. Their first two singles, “Tread On Me” and “Backbone” were played regularly on the radio nationwide. Then, the Nickelodeon serious, Open Heart, adopted Gold Complex’s first two singles on the show.

This eight member masterpiece has built a loyal and exciting fan base throughout Canada. Gold Complex has already dropped the mic at several big venues such as Mod Club and Lee’s Palace. Their next mission is to take over the music board outside of their home by mixing smooth soul with pop and R&B. Their sound is very distinct and will become an automatic go to for every occasion.

Currently, they are back in the studio putting their musical minds to the test. Gold Complex is recording their full length debut album, “New Soul” that will be dropped in April of 2017.

Go to Soundcloud to download their Deluxe Edition EP now!

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