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03 - 29 - 2017

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D.C. native Goldlink released his debut album At What Cost this Thursday and it’s shown how much he has grown.

Goldlink continued to impress fans and build his following by releasing At What Cost.

Album wise, Goldlink touches on Spirituality, Racism, Trust, and Success.

At What Cost is a diverse, personal, and an introspective album. Its production is good, and Goldlink does a good job of linking his content with the sound.

“Rollcall”, which features Mya, is a hometown anthem, in which Goldlink declares that no matter how far he goes, he will always come back to his hometown of Washington D.C.

“Same Clothes as Yesterday” is another track that most interests me. Goldlink covers his life, his hometown, and his community. He also gets personal. “My mom has a stroke ten years ago, and she ain’t been cooking since”. “For these little D.C. boys, you might get hit with a stray, congress parked on MLK they don’t give us the time of day”.

Goldlink is not afraid to tell us what he is feeling or thinking, and that’s what draws him in. He brings you in and gives you a piece of himself.

“Summatime” featuring Wale and Radiant Child is a jazzy song that covers past relationships. He and Wale kill the song while reminiscing on their former partners.

“Yeah, she calls me hubby she loves me but she in California. “Want to be the talk of the town well move to California”

describes Goldlink and Wale yearning for their relationships of yesterday while trying to stay honest to themselves.

The most interesting thing I enjoyed about this album is the production and content. Goldlink did a great job of linking his wordplay to the tone of the beat.

After listening to this, it’s no wonder that Goldlink has such a cult following. At What Cost is one of the best albums of 2017.

At What Cost is available on iTunes.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all