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01 - 19 - 2017

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Sophia Bel’s, “Goodbyes”, melds silky smooth lyrics and a rhythmic electronic beat to create an entrancing otherworldly mood.

“Goodbyes” transports its listeners to a headspace reminiscent of dimly lit jazz clubs, where sound overtakes sight. The song begins with futuristic sound waves. A vibrational frequency grows and shrinks to create a perfect interlude for what is to come.  The rhythm of the song seems to dance on air. Bel’s voice swirls in and out like carefully constructed smoke rings. An evolution of tone and harmony create the song’s dreamy nature. Halfway through, an electronic drum beat drops to create a harmonic symphony with Bel’s sound. The electronic beat is seamlessly morphed into a jazz instrumental composed of horns and piano, giving a classic flavor that brings the beauty of previous decades into the current music scene.

Beyond the audio effects and sonic qualities of the song is Bel’s meaningful lyrics. Her words bleed throughout the piece, staining a message in the listener’s memory. “Giving me space until I go, no need to break what time has brushed away”. Her words equate to a modern love ballad, as she tells a story that many of us are all too familiar with. Lovers drift apart but remain intertwined until they can fill the void. We try to circumvent the anxiety of loneliness, yet wind up growing further apart in the process. Yet “Goodbyes” lyrics don’t come off whiny or excessive. After a few phrases, the beat drops to create a dominant tone, as Bel moves from object to subject in the love affair to provide a sense of female agency and power. Bel’s creative genius seen in this dynamic track is certainly not one to be missed. 

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all