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06 - 17 - 2017

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As mysterious as her identity is, H.E.R is back in the spotlight with the release of her sophomore tape H.E.R Vol 2. This project fills up your soul with different volumes of vocals and moods, much like her first work on H.E.R. Vol 1. Nobody knows exactly who stands behind the identity of H.E.R, but one thing everyone will soon know is how smooth and sultry her vocals are.

In 2015, H.E.R released on the internet a cover for Drake’s hit single “Jungle” off If You’re Reading This Its Too Late. Since then, her fan base is reaching heights, thanks in part to her crooning melodies and intricate drum styled R&B. Her first mixtape was the rave for R&B soulstress Alicia Keys, raving about it on social media. H.E.R’s trap inspired R&B is much like artists Bryson Tiller and SZA. H.E.R Vol 2 continues down that path, only getting better track after track.

From beginning to end, you can tell our songstress has a thing for pianos, being that keys are featured on almost every track. “Every Kind of Way” sets the tone for this project, as we go on an escapade of swooning vocals matched with empathetic lyrics. Her hit single “Say It Again” joins this project as well. Ending with the track “Lights On” will have you singing along as you vibe with the volumes of H.E.R.

Will we ever know who is behind the voice of H.E.R? Maybe soon, since she’s expected to hit the road with Bryson Tiller in his headlining “Set It Off” tour. H.E.R will also be in attendance for the 2017 B.E.T Experience. Now that we’ve got you riled up, sit back and enjoy the works of H.E.R.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all