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07 - 11 - 2016

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Hailey Knox has been slowly building momentum this past year as a cover artist on YouTube, but she’s just taken a big leap forward in her career. On June 23, the young singer/song writer made her professional debut with the EP, A Little Awkward. 

At just 17 years old, Knox gives a performance comparable to Norah Jones. That is, if you can imagine Norah Jones setting a track to modern pop music.

The New York native delivers a smooth vocal, yet there’s a faint, pleasant huskiness to the way she sings.

A Little Awkward is, for the most part, a collection of catchy and meaningful songs. Her lyrics are mature and heartfelt, yet Knox manages to keep things lighter and fun with largely upbeat and quirky accompaniment.

The album will really resonate with Hailey Knox’s own age demographic. The songs deal with such coming of age concepts as bullies and struggles of self image.

The material is mostly relatable to younger audiences, but that said, listeners of all ages will still be able to enjoy this record.

We all remember what it was like to be young. And beyond that, its easy to appreciate the creative lyrics and stylistic variety A Little Awkward has to offer.

“Loopty Loop” has a funky beat and quick, witty lyrics, while “My Worst Enemy” slows things down. The track discusses the concept of judging yourself too harshly and offers words of wisdom beyond Knox’s years.

Geeks” is the first single from the album, and rightfully so. The song comes across as a power anthem for kids who feel less than powerful.

Though it’s perhaps a little aggressive, lyrically, it’s a valuable message none the less.

“We know what we’re worth, and you’ll get what you deserve,

when all the geeks inherit the earth.

You toss your sticks and stones. We’ll just lick our wounds.

We were the underdogs. Payback is coming soon.

Don’t blame the universe when the karma’s reversed.”


The record falters a little on “Take it or Leave it”, which gets a bit repetitive.

But overall, A Little Awkward is a strong debut for this young artist.

I’ll be interested to see where her career goes as she matures and explores new and different concepts.


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