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06 - 26 - 2017

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Burning Up

The LA and Singapore-based artist “Haneri” has released a new visual for her track “Burning Up”. Formerly known as Daphne Koo, the singer made her debut on the reality show  Singapore Idol. Her song depicts the hardships of addiction in a toxic/abusive relationship. Hanoi states that she feels strongly about this topic because of lack of attention abusive relationships get.

“I hope this song will remind people going through similar struggles that they aren’t alone.”

The song feature cool electric tones and 80s beats, but also has deep poetic lyrics as well. The song contains refreshing and beautiful lyrics all compacted into a few short minutes. Her beautiful voice accompanies the electro tone of the song perfectly while catching your attention of the visual.

The video features Haneri distressed with bruises on her body and face, potentially showing the effects of an abusive relationship. She sings passionately throughout the video, while also feeling enclosed and watched by the people that pass. Her video sends a strong message to those who may be going through similar. Though the video is sad, her lyrics pull viewers in for a more positive and inspirational insight.

The singer’s video was directed by Ryan Tan and was released June 23rd.

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