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12 - 11 - 2018

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ESTA & Kay Franklin’s latest album, Hueman, has a chilled out R&B vibe that sets the stage for a series of longing love songs.

ESTA is known for his ability to produce silky sounds over R&B beats. He comes together with Kay Franklin’s smooth and soulful vocals and deeply emotional lyrics to create something beautiful in Hueman.


Each song on the album sounds like its being sung just for that one person that the message is for. In “Honey” Franklin says “I’ll do anything you want and need me to do” and continues “I want this forever, I hope you want it too”. The individualized nature of the songs gives them an authentic feel. In “Love Like You” electronic piano keys provide the base needed for a song that becomes gift wrapped for the person it’s for. Franklin sings “You’re so good, and I’m nothing like you if only I could love like you”. The song is about him trying to give something to the woman who he believes is so far above him.

Both ESTA and Kay Franklin are California-based artists. The two have come together for this album and their sounds complement each other in their own uniquely based California vibe. ESTA is well known for his work as a producer. He has ties to Soulection, a well-known record label. His production spans from reggae to electronic to house, and his ability to blend genres is what’s brought him fame. Kay Franklin is newer on the scene, but his singing ability shows that he’s bound to go far.

Check out Hueman and chill out with the latest R&B vibes from this new and exciting partnership.



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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all