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07 - 19 - 2016

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Shortly after the release of his second full length album, Getaway, CAQ Records had the chance to speak with up and coming country singer Hudson Moore (interview above).

Moore is most well known in his home state of Texas. His 2012 single “Fireworks” reached number one on the TX Music Charts.

But this Fort Worth native was made for bigger things than even the Lone Star State has to offer. Since his beginnings in Austin, he’s toured the country opening for artists including Alan Jackson and ZZ Top.

Just last month, he played at CMA Fest.

Most recently, Moore earned a steady place on CMT with the music video for “Some Are,” the first single off his new record.

The video has placed sixth on CMT’s 12 Pack Countdown, ranking higher than Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood.

“Some Are” shows off Moore’s incredible dexterity as an artist, both on screen and off. He’s shown playing every instrument featured, and he co-directed the video himself.

The song itself is fun, with strong “Keith Urban” vibes.

“I’ve had so many influences,” Moore said during our interview, “Everything from country music to blues, to classic rock. But Keith Urban has definitely been one of my biggest country influences.”

This is something that’s apparent throughout the album, Getaway. From the banjos and electric guitars, to the clear feel of summer on almost every song.

Getaway honestly comes across as a summer soundtrack. You can’t help but picture certain images when listening: hands rolling out the window, radios blasting, bare feet on the dash and sand on the floorboards.

The record’s title track, “Getaway,” is like an anthem for these concepts.

But summer fun and a “Keith Urban” vibe are not all Hudson Moore has to offer on this album. The multitude of influences he mentioned in our interview have truly made him his own artist.

“Stop Light Love” bears a hint of classic southern rock n’ roll.

He offers a stripped down, brokenhearted and yet hopeful honesty in “Don’t Wanna Lose You.”

“Sand in the Bed” gives an upbeat look at the fun side of a romantic relationship.

Each song brings something different to the table, and yet the tracks all work so well together as a cohesive album.

Hudson Moore’s debut album, Fireworks, made waves in Texas, and he’s shown immense growth since then.

Getaway is a strong follow up, with great potential to put Moore in the national spotlight where he belongs.


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