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09 - 15 - 2016

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Septymber Fifteenth, remember that name. We recently caught up with the rising artist back stage at her show “Soul Smiles” The concert series, catch the full scoop above, and read below:

In your own words who is Septymber 15th and what do you represent?

Septymber Fifteenth is just a kid trying to find her way through life and using music as a vehicle. I think I represent soul, jazz, a reflection of my maker and another type of black woman who is creating magic through music.

How long has Septymber worked at her artistry?

Well I’ve been a poet for years, after poetry, I started writing short stories and God kind of turned all of my stories into music. It’s only been three years that I’ve been professionally pursuing music career, but I think it’s been in me since birth.

How did your debut single “MUZIQ” come about?

I actually wrote “MUZIQ” while I was sleeping. There was a tune in my mind. There was no image, no dream, no picture but when I woke up I was singing the song. I think it was it inspired by my love for music which was new. I remember when I wrote this song I didn’t quite know what I was talking about but as I performed this song over the years, I began to understand it’s meaning a little more, deeper and in-depth.

As an artist who are your musical influences?

When I am creating, I like to shut the world out so that everything that I’m writing is very authentic and very real. When I’m not writing, I like to listen to people like Sarah Vaughan. I love St. Paul & The Broken Bones, I like JP Cooper, and Anderson Paak. I can’t get away from Ray Charles, I think he was my grandfather in another life.

3 key qualities a musician needs to stay focused on their journey?

  1. Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.
  2.  Continue to develop your relationship with God because it is going to reveal more about yourself that you can’t find out on your own.
  3. 3. Always stay humble


Although I haven’t been in this industry for very long, I’ve experienced a lot. I sky rocketed really fast in the beginning and I met so many people who had taken on this mask and felt they had to be a certain way.

Honestly, I really feel there is a need for people to get back to who they really are. To be nice to everyone all the time. That would really be cool if everyone started being nice again in the music industry. Just remember those things. 

 Like I said # 1: stay true to yourself, be you.

What’s your opinion of R&B and soul music at this point?

I think that soul and R&B still lives on in the artists that I listen too. Some people say that it’s dying down but I feel like that’s going to depend on what are you allowing yourself to be exposed to. Yes, this industry is being manipulated and soul music is being tweaked to where it’s not authentic. It’s not raw nor real. There are some artists who are still honing in on the authenticity of soul and they do it so well. That’s who I hope to embody, a person that does it so well.


Septymber Fifteenth and Konner Scott at Soul Smiles Series.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all