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04 - 14 - 2017

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This past week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Aaron who owns Always Working and apparel brand based here in Baltimore. He has been releasing gems that have graced these here streets of Baltimore City and making waves. Inspired by his desire to “never settle,” he has been strategically releasing product over the last two years. It was a pleasure to be able to sit and talk with him about his passion and his plans for his budding business. Take a peek into our conversation:

Now I know you have lived in Baltimore your whole life, how has that shaped you as a creative?

It has made me vigilant of how people react to my product. People are quick to humble you, they don’t like you if you are cocky at all so I know you should be modest. But it is definitely going to shape a lot of products we are about to release soon.

How did you come to the idea of creating Always Working?

I’ve always wanted to make clothes, but my life is really what shaped Always Working. My dads have always been a hard, blue-collar worker, my mom works, everyone in my family works, that is the one thing that has always been most relevant to me and I always wanted a product that was 100% authentic.

What does “Always Working” mean to you?

To me it’s like, never being satisfied. Not to sound like cheesy or anything but that’s like the base meaning of it to me. But, I have set this up so that it can mean several things there is no right or wrong answer.

I know that being from Maryland has inspired your work, so how did you come up with this piece here?

This does have a resemblance to the Maryland flag, but it’s really about precautionary things but taking risks. Because of the resemblance, we decided to do it. The text actually came from one night my friend was in the studio and he said “better play with something safe” and I just knew that it was the binding piece that I needed to make this product. So shoutout to Icce of 33/CCL$

So the product is “Always Working Better Play With Something Safe 2k17”

Who do you think is your biggest inspiration as far as the way you run your business and your creative aspect?

So, Kanye on the creative has one of the biggest influences for a lot of people. Even if you don’t say it I can see it with the way everyone dresses. And on the business side, it’s Jay-Z. The way he went from just being a rapper to a multimillionaire. He didn’t even go to like an ivy league but hes making moves with men who did.

What do you think has inspired that kind of business plan for you?

Honestly, just being a customer and watching how bigger businesses operate. It kind of stems from Supreme and it kind of stems from another creative out of Baltimore. He would do these like 24hr releases where you absolutely had to buy it or you just couldn’t that was it.  Supreme definitely a leading influence. When they release their product it can sell out in ten minutes. You can put a product in your cart and it could sell out before you can even pay for it.

I know you were telling me about doing pop-up shops, can you tell me the information about it so we know?

It is going to be in Turner Station on May 6th at a parade. It’s the neighborhood that my mom grew up in and where I began playing pee-wee sports. I have deep roots in that neighborhood and they are some of my biggest supporters so I felt like it was the perfect place to host my first pop-up shop.

What do you feel like your end goal is for where Always Working is going?

I really just want to see it grow creative opportunities. that’s really why I started it, it wasn’t even really about selling a product, it was just an outlet. Now people hit me up like “i can’t buy your product, like what’s up” so it’s crazy. really I just want to create jobs for people, myself included.

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Mark your calanders for May 6th for the first Always Working Pop-Up Shop!


Thanks again to Aaron for your time.

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