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12 - 12 - 2016

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meet hip-hop artist ish williams!

Singer/songwriter Ish Williams has recently released his first debut album, “Sonia’s Son”! His team, fans, and family gathered on the night before the release date to celebrate a new chapter in this  story. Ish Williams and his team took a moment to give the inside scoop of “Sonia’s Son” and what Ish Williams represents as a music artist!

This fearless musician grew up in a small town in southern New Jersey. However, he dedicated his early years to learning the art of music, perfecting it, and then pushing it into the city of Philadelphia. Along the way, Ish Williams came across his closest supporters today including his manager and producers.

Ish Williams shared his personal experience with music and how it saved him from a life of misery. He believes music is the key to life. It is not only an art, but it is a way to express and cope with life’s toughest and roughest evils. It is a channel that allows one to see a brighter future full of hope.

The hip-hop artist admires a few legacies in the music industry including Kid Cudi, Drake, and the brilliant J.Cole!


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What is the inspiration behind “Sonia’s Son”?

Ish Williams’ first full length album comes from a place deep within his heart. It was inspired by the love shared between his mother and himself. Every battle, heartache, and joyous moment expressed throughout this album is inspired by the tribulations he went through with his mother.

There was no better title to give the album than “Sonia’s Son”. Ish Williams had a clear vision to make this album his story. He wanted to avoid following the typical, “drugs, money, women” lyricism and deliver a real story that most people can relate to.

Check out the trailer for “Sonia’s Son” below and don’t miss out on the full album available now on SoundCloud!

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