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12 - 02 - 2016

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After amassing 10,000 Soundcloud plays, LA based artist Iyn Jay surprised fans with the video release for his single “Breakfast.”

In the video, he’s seen playing golf, perhaps because he just scored one (hint hint).

The well received track debuted in June of this year. Since the release of “Breakfast,” the eclectic artist revealed other tracks such as “Say My Name Right” and “B The 1.”

These tracks are rumored to be featured on his forthcoming project “Love Is Light,” but we’re not too sure yet, so we’ll just hold tight.

The Emad Rashidi directed visual is intriguing to say the least. As we watch “Breakfast”, it display’s Iyn at his best; fun, melodic and carefree.

I feel like I’ve seen the visual on Music Choice or MTV Jams at 6am, because it gives off a nostalgic feel of what’s missing.

Keep going Iyn Jay, we definitely want to hear and see more of your creativity. 

Watch the video for “Breakfast” above.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all