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03 - 09 - 2017




This week, IYN Jay released debut LP Love is Light. The project rings true to his alternative RnB sound.

The Indiana artist proves a distinct sound as he switches between his sultry singing and his dynamic flows.

The Beginning

He opens the project with “The Real World” and I must say it has to be my favorite track on the whole project. Being that it was the first track, after hearing it, I didn’t exactly know what to expect. The track has a soft feel to it. The words carry a heaviness in them.

 “If I ruled the world, love would always win”

IYN gives us a look into the utopia that he desires, as the beat rolls in the background. On this track, the artist lets us see the way he views the world, and his passion giving us a strong idea of who he is as a man. 

His single “Say My Name Right” follows the starter track along with tracks like “Are We Good?” and “Balance.”

This album was a great debut for the artist. IYN Jay consistently surprises listeners with his diverse abilities and style. He jumps from lyricism to singing so effortlessly, letting us know that he is here to switch it up on every track.

Get With It

IYN Jay is back and he is ready to show you that he is ready to make waves. Make sure you check out his album Love is Light on Apple Music and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Make sure you check out the visuals for his single “Say My Name Right.”

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all