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06 - 08 - 2016

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Indiana artist Iyn Jay is set to release his new project “Love Is Light” sometime this year, but before we get a full-length album, Iyn simply serves up “Breakfast.” Being the older brother to budding star Trevor Jackson, Iyn has been exposed to the best of the best experiences with women and love. Iyn Jay shares his great experiences with us through the new single. “Got yo bitch in my house cookin’ eggs for me, got yo bitch in my bed spreading legs for me.” With riveting lyrics and a laid-back trap beat, the “youngnfly2k” produced track, is a great jam to bump in the summer time and all year-round. The anthem is J.Cole “In The Morning” -esque and gives off “caking” vibes.

“Got a couple back in Indiana, keep a couple bad ones in Atlanta.” Ij is coming of age and is appealing more to the club and turnt scene with Breakfast, the single shows his artistic progression from his debut project Lay Up Lines and his features with Trevor on “In My Feelings.” Iyn Jay is young, having fun, and producing tunes for millennials to relate to through his eclectic style, rap lyrics and soulful harmonies. “Love is Light” drops this year. Follow Iyn Jay on Instagram.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all