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03 - 11 - 2017

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Dreamville’s latest artist J.I.D. recently released his debut album The Never Story yesterday.

The Never Story has 12 tracks and features Atlanta artists 6lack, Mereba, and EarthGang.

All tracks contain great production and navigation through J.I.D.’s mind.

Production and Content

Production wise, it features Atlanta producers SMKA, Childish Major, and by J.Cole, who produces two songs.

Content wise, The Never Ending Story was more of a personal album , in which J.I.D. reminisced on his life, from the beginning to now.

One would be Track 4 “EdEddNEddy”, in which J.I.D. remembered his childhood, and speaks about the loyalty of his friends and family.

“Me and my two niggas be like Ed Edd and Eddy, I’m Zach you AC, that Jessica and Kelly, I pull up to your hood just let me know when your ready”

Another stand out is Track 11 “Somebody”, laced with a R&B/Jazz combination sample, and featured a J.Cole shoutout.

“Born to win but born a sinner, and that’s word to Jermaine, Cold world Cold Flaw, but we living the same”

My favorite track on the project is Track 7 “All Bad”, which featured Mereba.

Produced by HollywoodJB,  J.I.D. went from personal to expressing his thoughts on honesty.

“And if I’m trying to tell the truth I’m all bad, but if you looking for all the facts its all there” he raps over a dark, slow tempo R&B beat.

The Never Story is simply great and different, definitely a rare sound from an Atlanta artist.

His versatility gives his city a true uniqueness all while J.I.D. sticks to his roots and stays true to himself.

The Never Story is available for download on iTunes and streaming on Apple Music. Take a listen now.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all