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03 - 18 - 2017

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Atlanta rapper J.Nolan dropped his newest release Game Point.

The single, along with a video, will be a launch for his LP ATLantis.

ATLantis will debut later this year.

Influenced by the Progressive Era of Hip Hop, J. Nolan’s objective is to make music that is relatable and digestible for the new generation of listeners.

His lyrics describe his life, and his community.

His song Game Point is a classic song, and something very different than the sounds out of Atlanta.

Over a Boom Bap beat, he describes his hunger, passion for hip hop, and taste in fashion.

“Ain’t nothing better than rocking this Coogi sweater to lunch, doing whatever it takes to get this cheddar to long” is an example of his lyricism.

Game Point also has a dose of spiritualism.

“Whatever I’m ready, my faith is into the sun”, J.Nolan makes a strong case that his faith is everlasting.

Game Point is one of the best songs of 2017 for two reasons.

One is his music and influence of Golden Era in it. He is different and not afraid to be that.

Second, his drive to be himself and have an impact on this generation is why I like J.Nolan.

He is not afraid to be himself, and his desire to show his influence and tailor it for his generation is rare in today’s music climate.

J.Nolan is one of many in a new class of rappers, but he stands out in terms of lyricism, influence, and content.

Gamepoint deserves praise because where other rappers fail in content, he makes up for delivery and wordplay.

If this is the beginning of his shine, then I can’t wait to hear his LP ATLantis. He isn’t new to the game, but by no means makes him soft. He is ready to take it to the next level.

Check out Game Plan on Youtube right now, hear the real.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all