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07 - 30 - 2016

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Since his August 2015 debut of  “In My Feelings”, fans have patiently waited for another dose of Trevor.

Trevor Jackson recently finished acting on ABC’s drama American Crime. He’s been in the studio working hard on new material all summer.

Today he returns with his brother Iyn Jay on a smooth rendition of PartyNextDoor’s smash hit “Come And See Me.”

The recent drop reveals Trevor Jackson has more up his sleeve and wants to treat his listeners. The “Come Again” remix signifies Trevor wanting to be faithful to his lady but struggling with the vices that his occupation brings.

In the song he sings, “Mama always told me

Trevor don’t you go around breaking girls hearts

it’s so easy to fall into because of who you are

I tried to do right man this shit gets hard.”

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Iyn Jay recently revealed his new single “Breakfast” earlier this summer. His verse mid-way through the song assisted Trevor’s vocals well. The reason Iyn Jay and Trevor work well together is because they speak to their generation and know the right words to say.

In Iyn’s verse he says:

“Saw you unfollowed me and for a second

baby that kind of bothered me

But you’re still lurking on my page ain’t you?

That’s okay because I do the same thing too.”

It’s safe to say many young folks in relationships go through the same problem of un-following and lurking on Instagram as Iyn Jay alludes to. His relatable lyrics and down to earth personality makes him and his brother Trevor a great tag-team on this track.

“Pit stop at the gas station for munchie foods, got you the Flamin’ hots cant forget the Häagen-Dazs” Iyn sings. Ok so now he’s making me hungry. At the end of the day, I’m impressed by how great this remix is. Trevor Jackson and Iyn Jay are up there with SZA and Erykah Badu when it comes to murking this PartyNextDoor hit.

We wont reveal the whole song. Take a listen to the clever twist above.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all