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12 - 11 - 2016

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Talented singer and actor Jacob Latimore satisfies fans with the release of his debut album “Connection.”


“Say Less” the Intro track on “Connection” hits hard. Sending a message that alludes to Jacob having hold on personal matters.

Using his vocals to rap-sing over trap instrumentation infusing slaps and hi-hats.

“You should know I got it, say less.”

Being the high-profile artist he is, Jacob has had to keep many of his relationships under the radar. “Advertise It” has a nice concept to it. Many women that have been involved with Jacob have a yearning to “advertise” and make public a relationship that he chooses to keeps private due to celebrity status. 

“I know you want to tell all your friends about me, but you don’t wanna say too much because you know that’s gonna mess us up.”

“The Real” featuring IshDARR is one of the lead singles from “Connection.”

The song contains a west coast slap sound and can work in a club vibe.


“Mutual” is one of the stronger tracks off the album, a song many may be able to relate too.

“What if you’ve been out here, like I’ve been out here? Would I lose my mind or be cool about it? What if it we’re mutual?”

 Jacob Latimore excels at having relevant subject matter and topics that fit his generation on “Connection.” 

“I don’t wanna think about another nigga touching you, I don’t wanna think about another nigga loving you and you don’t wanna think about another bitch fucking me…boy you know it’s mutual.”

Tracks like “Risky” & “Long Way” are true R&B songs. Nothing about these songs stand out too much and hold a heavier weight to other songs, but nonetheless, they sound good.


“Connection” shows Jacob stepping out of the trap R&B lane and experimenting with a more pop/worldly sound on songs like “Love Drug” and “Remember Me.”

Those two songs amplify Jacob’s range of voice and challenges him to step out the box from other “safe” tracks on the project.

“Climb,” the outro track was the first single released from “Connection” and still leads as one of the stronger songs on the project.

Jacob Latimore is a young talented individual and his debut project “Connection” showcases his vocal range, charm and his coming of age. 

Many of the songs are sexual due to Jacob making a true “Connection” with his lady listeners.

Listen: Love Drug, Advertise It, Remember Me, Mutual, Climb

Check out “Connection” exclusively on Apple Music.


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