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09 - 12 - 2016

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Maryland artist Jay IDK returns with his 3rd album, “Empty Bank”, which released on September 9th.

The title of the album, “Empty Bank” is exactly what Jay IDK covers throughout the whole album, which is Money.

He starts the introduction off with the “Mr. Mills”, in which IDK finds out money isn’t really worth anything. Instead he finds himself spending money on things he doesn’t need now that he has money.

The line “I figured it out, money ain’t shit sets in the reality of the world we live in today. Money isn’t nothing but a tool to a better life that we are all chasing.”

For the 2nd song “Boy’s Innocence”, IDK brings in DMV native and spitter Fat Trel. IDK reminisces on past mistakes and the chance’s he’s taken for success, but looks like it’s all worked out for the better.

Priorities Pt.1, the 5th track, is what really spoke to me. On this song, Jay IDK questions if he is truly going hard enough for his fans and himself, the money that he is bringing in, and his future goals.

My wallet has IDK screaming IDGAF at the people who criticize his music and work ethic.

I Picture takes his thoughts on finances even forward. On the trap influenced beat, IDK speaks on if he had unlimited funds and being able to buy anything.

The line “When I picture selling dope, When I picture wearing Fendi clothes” is enough to make any of us admit we’ve been there.

Priorties Pt.2, the 12th single, picks off where IDK left off and finds himself thinking about his future, including marriage, his career, and will it be enough.

But the last song, How Long/Last Song 2 is enough to make you cry and be proud. IDK speaks his thoughts on social issues such police shootings, poverty, and rampant racism that remain entrenched today.

All in all, this album is one of my favorites that I have reviewed, but not just for music.

I’ve said over that Hip Hop needs to return to its conscious-thought provoking content that it was founded on, and JAY IDK reaffirms that we are indeed returning.

JAY IDK is currently preparing to go on tour to promote “Empty Bank.”


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