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09 - 15 - 2016

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“I don’t mess around with no basics baby”….Jay2AintShit

Jay2AintShit “Better Serve” produced by Monte Booker, is different and unique.

The beginning of the song reminds me of Frank Ocean on the first listen.

His flow syncs well with the beat and melody.

I love how the producer and Jay2AintShit made the words of the song go in reverse (back masked) and Jay2AintShit was still flowing towards the end of the song. I have to admit that I played the song a few times just to hear how the music switched up towards the end of the song.

I thought that this was very different and that he took a chance with that, but in my opinion it worked. The flow of the song really makes you feel relaxed. This is one song that you can play in the car and cruise down the highway with the windows rolled down just “chillin”.

I especially love the part where he says, “I don’t mess around with no basics baby”, I could totally relate.

I believe that this guy has great potential to go very far. He is different, has his own style, and that is what’s going make him different in the music industry.

This Chicago native guy I know is going to be serving us something new and even though he said that he was just trying something different on this song, well let’s say I’m feeling it.

If you haven’t heard about Jay2AintShit then this song right here is something that you need to hear. “Better Serve” is doing what the title is saying SERVING!

Thanks for this new music, Jay2AintShit! I wish you the best!

Jay2AintShit owns his style and he knows just how to use it.

Now what you waiting on hit that play button and get served!


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