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09 - 06 - 2017

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A year later, Jayd Ink is back with a visual for her socially awaking track “Darkskin”. Jayd takes on the important issue of colorism amongst black women. As it is slowly becoming more aware, it still carries weight throughout many communities.

For anyone who doesn’t know, “darkskin” is a common term in the black community to identify someone’s skin tone. Since the beginning of time, skin complexion has been an ongoing battle that tears the community apart. It’s comforting knowing that artists can express political and cultural differences through music, mostly because their message can inspire somebody’s life. Jayd does just that with this visual.

From the video, Jayd’s main thesis is that you don’t have to be a lighter completion to be beautiful. As cliche as it sounds, You simply need to be comfortable in the skin you´re in. In the lyrics, “you’re pretty for a dark skin, what the fuck does that mean” hold a lot of weight. Too often are darker  women told demeaning stigmas due to the shade of their skin. Being labeled “pretty for a darkskin”  implies that most dark skin women aren’t pretty. When in fact, black women from an array of complexions are the most beautiful women on earth. Jayd’s vivd yet stimulating approach at bringing this topic to light is something worth seeing.

 Jayd’s sweet vocals is just another plus for the track. Her voice soothes over this topic like heated shea butter. The Toronto songstress also talks about a time where she too faced situations concerning her skin tone. A child hood crush turns sour after a boy expressed that he didn’t like her because of her skin.

Most times when darker women are on the screen, they’re either half naked or oversexualized. “Darkskin” tackles that norm, showcasing black women on a day to day basis.  She wakes up, dresses her face with makeup, and takes a stroll to the beauty supply. Its something that makes this video so unique and keen to see. Putting black woman in a positive setting is something that’ll help break the opposing stereotypes that try to tear us apart. Being filled with melanin should never be a shameful trait. Eclectically, you are filled with light. In all, loving the skin your in is the best approach to anyone who dare says that you’re pretty for a darkskin.

This is only the beginning for Jayd Ink. She’s heading down a clear path that is sure to grant her the success she yearns for. With all being said, make sure you check out “Darkskin” below.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all