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09 - 20 - 2017

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Jayda G is Black Girl Magic. She is the embodiment of groove, funk, and disco fire all wrapped up in one FIERCE package.

Jayda’s bodacious curls nearly envelop her headphones, and they bounce with her as she moves to the sounds she’s spinning. In the video, which I would highly recommend watching, you can see her vibe permeate the crowd. Her mix is literally charging the room. She starts off with some sultry soul, “Let’s Do it Again”, by the Staple Singers. A little after 4 minutes into the set (4:22 to be exact), she drops that baseline from Debra Laws “On my Own”, bringing in that hot 80s fire and driving up that funk. The next track is a 70s disco rework of Marvin Gaye’s “Inner City Blues”, done by Paul Lewis. One of the things I love about sets like these is the magical tracks you can find within them.

The special thing about Jayda G’s mixing, and good mixing in general if you are not familiar is this incredible ability to choose tracks that work together seamlessly, both in key and bpm (beats per minute), in addition to being able to read the crowd and feel their vibe. Jayda G is certainly doing that, and she’s also providing the crowd with her own energy (she’s also probably the best dancer in the bunch). This type of synchronization between artist and crowd allows for a truly fantastic set. Another example of Jayda G’s mixing skills is at 5:10. She switches that track with precision and then brings another super funky track in, “Ain’t Nothing But A Party” by Taste of Honey. And ain’t nothing but a party it is!

Jayda G is a Canadian producer and DJ. She moves back and forth between Vancouver and Berlin, bringing her funky vibe and groovy tracks all over the world. She produced her first release under an Australian label, Butter Sessions, and has now started her own label, Freakout Cult. She’s a multitalented lady and one of my personal favorites.

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Crown All Queens

Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all