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07 - 05 - 2018

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New artist Jay Shalé is out with her new track “Basically”. The track takes you through the lows of a heartbroken relationship, accompanied with Shalé’s soothing vocals. Shalé is vastly growing as an artist, receiving recognition from artists like BeatKing and on various social media platforms.

Shalé is a versatile artist. She’s not only a growing vocalist, but also produces, models, and warms a few souls with laughter every now and then. Growing up, Jay Shalé was music driven. She began to take her musical ambitions more serious as she got older. By the time Shalé was in college, she performed in several cities only giving her a taste of what’s to come. Shalé landed a corporate level job post-graduation. While working in the corporate field is an American dream, Shalé felt driven by her musical inclination. Making the decision to achieve her dreams, rather than what others might consider risky, Shalé left the company to teach and perfect her crafts. Since leaving the company, Shalé is now a notable DJ in Atlanta, Indianapolis and many more.

Grammy-nominated producer Kevin Wooten is the mastermind behind production with “Basically”. The track depicts a love ballad where countless efforts to save a relationship isn’t enough. “Back and forth because I tried everything. But I couldn’t make sense of the things you do to me” sings Shalé. Even though the relationship went sour, Shalé is still well composed and wishes nothing but the best for her past boyfriend. We get to see both a rapping and vocal side of Shalé, as she toddles throughout the track between the two.

The risk’s that Shalé takes are more than rewarding. She’s a living story that the American dream in a corporate office shouldn’t outweigh your dreams and aspirations.  With a little ambition and hope in mind, you can strive beyond expectations. The grind doesn’t stop for Shalé, its only beginning. Be sure to check out “Basically” on Spotify and Apple and stop by Jay Shalé to get the latest from the artist.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all