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02 - 21 - 2017




J.Cole’s label Dreamville has signed its newest artist, J.I.D.

Hailing from East Atlanta, rapper J.I.D. has been making noise for 4 years as a member of Spillage Village, an alternative rap group from Atlanta, GA.

The group formed while in college and is known for their Alternative Rap Sound, in contrast to Atlanta’s signature Trap sound.

This isn’t the first time that J.Cole and J.I.D. have collaborated.

Last November he joined J.Cole, Bas, and Earthgang on Can’t Call It, an extended version of Jermaine’s Interlude.

In January of 2015, J.I.D released his EP Dicaprio to rave reviews, while still a part of Spillage Village.

He is often compared to Kendrick Lamar. from not only voice but content and lyrics, but insists that he is simply influenced and forms his own sound from his reality.

“It’s cool ’cause Kendrick is a cool artist, but I just know we’re from separate cultures,” said J.I.D

The announcement was made on Twitter yesterday via the tweet by J.Cole himself, followed by J.I.D releasing a promotional video about his Pontiac car and the journey he had with it.

“I drove it through college back and forth,” he says in the video. “I lived in it a bit. It’s been through every phase of my life, from me not having anything at all to me having the bit that I got now.”

After the announcement, J.I.D. dropped a video for his lead single Never” from his upcoming album The Never Story.

The last time Dreamville signed anyone was back in 2015, followed by J.Cole’s album For Your Eyes Only.

J.Cole has been busy of late, but with this latest signing, it sounds like both J.Cole and Dreamville are living up to their meaning, and that is turning dreams into reality.

Congratulations J.I.D., we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all