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02 - 04 - 2017

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Nyakinyua Rise, a new track by “JLin”, is her newest piece of work since an EP she did last year called Free Fall. The song combines djembe drums and pounding bass, forming her unique and upbeat hit. The song is the B-side to her newest album Dark Lotus, which is an EP that combines elements from two other albums of hers; Dark Energy and Black Origami. The A-side of Black Lotus is a song titled The Escape of the Black Rabbit. This song is more traditional than the other track, beginning with a steady rhythmic structure.

Nyakinyua Rise differs largely from the A-side song, making the two songs an original and interesting combination. This B-side track is the fiercer one; as it races into uncharted territory, and is created with war cries and experimental instruments. The energetic song is dance-like and radiates with the powerful drum beats and vocals. The inventive song has an ethnic, tribe-like vibe to it, as background vocals are created with high-pitched chants and cheers.
The song can be found on SoundCloud, along with a few other websites. Here you can find the tracks on Dark Lotus, and another major EP of hers, Bangs and Works Vol. 2. These two albums reflect Jlin’s skills at creating and producing music. Now that Dark Lotus is released, Jlin’s music is becoming even more adored than it already was.

Don’t miss Jlin’s new hit and her other popular songs. You can also find her music and information on her new EP’s and her performances on her Facebook:

Dark Lotus is a presentation of two very different, but equally compelling tunes. As she continues to creatively use unique and traditional instruments and continues to use lively vocals to create revolutionary pieces, her fans are continuously stunned by her work.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all