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07 - 06 - 2016

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Last week Harlem rapper Joe Budden took shots at hiphop’s biggest star “Drake”, on a track called “Making a Murderer Pt. 1.” Less than a week later, Drizzy has yet to respond to Budden. Which prompted Budden to get “Charged Up” to release  another diss titled “Wake.” 

Referring back to a prominent line of the diss “Shit, I waited 5 days, where y’all at?”Being the second Budden diss, Drake is playing like Meek Mill did with “Back to Back” and taking his time to respond. Do you feel it’s even worth it to Drizzy? Seems like he is too busy to even care about a diss from someone with little relevancy like Joe Budden. I have to admit Budden’s bars we’re pack-punching and truthful.

Like many other listeners out there, I’m still trying to fully understand the deep-seated reason for the recent string of diss tracks from Budden towards the Toronto native. As an avid music-head, it’s clear to see why other’s like Joe Budden don’t like Drake. The 6 God has a history of starting things that people in the industry don’t appreciate. If Drizzy didn’t do it though would he still be Number 1?

No one is perfect in the rap game.

We know it’s all full of charades and that rappers are all flawed no matter how many Grammy’s and chart-toppers they have earned. We know you crushed other to get there, good or bad. Jay-Z is still the man, but during his serious reign in hip-hop, he had many enemies off the strength of being in his position.

Currently, being in the position that Drake is in, it’s evident that enemies in rap come with the territory. Others will have the audacity to call you out and ruffle your feathers, no matter who is on the throne. Even the OG’s tried to press him (Diddy), Drake references in “4pm in Calabasas.”

Notable Diss-Lines from Joe Budden’s “Wake”



“Where did the boy bring change? Was it the club scene? Now you sound like you use people and love things.”

Joe is trying to remember what part of music Drake actually changed, all he can remember is Drake using his frequent collaborators and producers for his own gain.

“Maybe you think nobody notices, Gucci wasn’t home 2 seconds before you rode his dick”

Everyone was waiting awaiting Gucci’s arrival home, the true king of Zone 6. Budden claims “Back On Road” with Drake and Gucci Mane came fairly quick being that he was just released from jail. Drake couldn’t wait to use up that buzz for OVO Sound.

“Was that ya plot all along, why you ain’t do that vid with Fetty but you hopped on the song?”

In 2015, Drake noticed a hot trend with “My Way” by Fetty Wap and hoped on the track for a remix, although the song did well, Drake did not feature in the music video to actually co-sign Fetty.

“We wan’t a PARTY album, but you keep stealing ALL of Party’s album, then go and put it on ya party album.”

All the young and old folks love PARTYNEXTDOOR, his music is so good and relatable. Will we ever get anything more from him? Budden claims Drake is stealing too much of Party’s new album for himself and is hindering PND from releasing new content.

“It’s plenty reasons to slay you, you kept going up Tuesdays, now the Weeknd just hates you.”

Drake loves to be apart of what’s new and hot. Which is why he used Makonnen’s buzz by remixing Tuesday into a number 1 hit then shortly afterwards dropped Mak from Octobers Very Own label. The Weekend was aware of Drake’s leech-ful habits from working with him in the past and therefore has resented him and the OVO camp to this day.

We believe “The Weeknd” was that ‘R&B nigga” Drake referenced in “4pm in Calabasas.”

“Say you Canadian, maybe yeah you Croatian, sounding like his Jamaican friends, depending on what state he in.”

Growing up as a youth in Toronto and Memphis, Drake was heavily influenced by West Indian slang and culture. This is evident in the album skits with Popcaan on IYRTITL and Beenie Man’s Reggaeton sample’s used on “Controlla.” We notice Drake more with a Caribbean vibe on “Work” and “One Dance” featuring Nigeria’s own Wizkid on his recent album Views. Drake is also a heavy fan of SKEPTA.

“I heard it straight from the Bama’s mouth, he wont pull a hammer out. Wasn’t you at Hov’s show scared to pull a camera out?”

Before Drizzy was as hot as he is now, it was evident through his demeanor and uplifting lyrics that he is a non-violent rapper and has admitted it in his music. Aubrey’s 2009 “So Far Gone” mixtape featured “Say What’s Real” where Drake admitted he was embarrassed to pull his Blackberry out at a Jay-Z show.

“How you tell Bitches to “know yourself”, when you don’t even “Know Yourself”, you wouldn’t know your self.”

“If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” features popular song “Know Yourself.” Budden emphasizes the Canadian doesn’t practice what he preaches and has an identity crisis issue within himself.

Will Drake respond to the allegations? Leave a comment below.

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