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03 - 28 - 2017

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The X Factor Phenomenon Returns!

Johns Adams is most widely known for his legendary success on the X Factor. He put “Cannonball” by Damien Rice back on the charts after an astonishing performance. In addition, he placed the song back on the charts at a higher listing than ever before! The Aberdare singer/songwriter has continued his journey making his own, unforgettable music.

John Adams released his debut album “The Pavement is My Stage” in 2013. It was funded by his hustle and bustle performing across the country. This first album was everything the artist hoped it would be. “The Pavement is My Stage” hit No. 7  on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Charts and received a 5 star iTunes rating. It was, also, aired on the radio all over the nation. In 2016, the storm kept coming when John Adams dropped a single from his upcoming EP called “Dandelions”. His fan base continued to grow bigger and stronger when this single reached 800K plays on Spotify!

John Adams is in the Fast Lane to Success

This unique artist emerged from the South Wales Valleys with an ability to mix dynamite vocals and a beautiful acoustic touch. John Adams creates his music around thought-provoking ideas. His observations coincide with peoples’ happiness, heartache, and wishful thinking.

John Adams stirred up another unexpected outbreak on March 17, 2017 revealing two hit singles. “See You Again” and “Things That Make You Beautiful” both incorporate the musician’s goal of bringing organic music, creative storytelling, and minimal electronic production into one song. This technique has been overwhelmingly successful and has differentiated John Adams from any other guitar singer/songwriter.

Capturing John Adams’ Thoughts Behind It All

“See You Again” was written for more than one reason. This single strongly validates John Adams’ natural gift of singing and creating contemporary pop songs. However, it goes much deeper than that as the purpose behind the song was revealed by the musician. John Adams expresses “I wrote the song when a friend’s dad passed away. I wouldn’t consider myself a religious person, but the only words I can ever find to comfort the people left behind is the hope that there’s a heaven”.

This gospel-like nirvana has influences from respected artists including Sam Smith, Charlie Puth, David Gray, and James Blunt. “See You Again” takes its listeners on a spiritual journey into their heart and soul. John Adams delivers a sense of hope despite life’s losses that catch up with us at some point.

“Things That Make You Beautiful” is the second single released taking on another purpose that goes deep within your soul. John Adams sings an uplifting melody that encompasses the importance of seeing what makes a person beautiful. Life often handles tough battles and unavoidable changes. This poetic musician points out that what truly makes a person beautiful is everlasting with time.

“See You Again” and “Things That Make You Beautiful” are available now for pre-order on iTunes.

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